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-in-law calls for the euro. >> she took issue with it. >> in washington, congress once to know -- wants to know why it took them and the president several days to learn about general petraeus. general allen denies doing anything inappropriate. tracyashington, i'm potts. back to you. >> officers responded to call around 10:30 last night. they found a man suffering gunshot wounds. a weekend brawl at a free-market involved two motorcycle gangs. two men face charges. investigators identified the gains as the demons of souls and ouls and the titans motorcycle clubs. police are asking for your help in identifying two men involved in a weekend shooting at a taco bell. they are offering a $2,000 award. it happen on the 700 block of columbia. the manager was shot after confronting someone he thought suspicious outside. he is listed in critical condition this afternoon. if you have information that could help police, call them at -- a baltimore city policeman suspended after allegations of sexual misconduct. police received a call about elliott simon over the weekend. and simon was on duty at the time. h
of a 55-year-old woman. issue was bound to death on washington boulevard monday afternoon. -- she was found dead on washington boulevard monday afternoon. and faces seven years in prison after convicted of setting his ex-girlfriend's home on fire. he was found guilty of 10 charges. prosecutors said he doused the front porch with gasoline and set on fire back in june 2010 after the couple ended their relationship. the woman was inside with her son at the time and two other women. all were able to escape. but a family pet was killed and the road home destroyed. martin be sentenced in january. ♪ >> beautiful day today. a little on the chilly site. restarted out in the 30's this morning. the sun will help warm things a bit. the temperature will be below average. we of high pressure dominating the situation. that gives us of the sunshine and dry conditions for the stormy weather well to the west was out in the mountains and the rockies or out of the atlantic ocean. a nor'easter is not far enough away we are not feeling the effects. eventually the winds become southerly, that warms th
to the lame-duck session of congress next week. in washington, hallie jackson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the 11 news eye team caught up with sheila dixon to talk about her troubles. probation officials say she is to spare her a00 dr criminal conviction. and >> i haven't really trying to catch up. now i will work harder to get this behind me. i feel sorry for those in worse conditions that i am. >> she told that she hopes to get the problem is resolved this week. failure to pay could cost her her pension. baltimore city police commissioner will be sworn in today. the mayor will conduct the swearing in at city hall tonight. he was confirmed as the new police commissioner back in october after outlining and to combat the crime. he replaced fred beafield. >> coming up, a 77-year-old convicted twice of murdering is released from prison. we will explain why. flames light up the night sky in phoenix. >> covering the nation, the man who pleaded guilty to shape -- shooting gabrielle giffords and seven others will plead guilty in tucson. 13 will bonded, including gabrielle giffords the shepherd of good will -
and senator graham want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> in washington, i am hallie jackson, wbal-tv 11 is. >> and an anne arundel county man is charged with sexually abusing several children in the edgewater area did this week, 56-year-old john villers-farrow was arrested for allegedly abusing children born to thousand -- to 2008 from 2000 -- from 2000 to 2008. anyone with more information or anyone who may have been a victim is also asked to call the anne arundel county child abuse unit -- 410-222-3484. baltimore county police are ready to determine if a body part discovered on wednesday is human good sky team 11 was over the scene where we are told that a man was on the property at its pocket way. he found what looked like at hand. so far, officials have not been able to confirm if the discovery was a human hand. just before 5:00 this morning, officers pulled the body of a woman from the inner harbor. the original call came in as a person in the water on the pier side of the 2300 block of boston street. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. it is unclear how the vi
in washington. unless congress acts by december 31, taxes will rise for about 90% of americans at the beginning of the year. without action, the white house also be forced to carry out almost $100 billion in automatic cuts to the pentagon. some economists say that the nation could slip into another recession if a deal is not reached by the end of this year. several airlines are already making changes ahead of this next storm rowling and -- ruling in. and heart-related deaths are more common during the cold season. >> live in ocean city, maryland where we are keeping a close eye on the nor'easter as it approaches here. >> the big question is whether or not baltimore will see many impa7ó >> another strong storm is moving into our area, but we're back in ocean city. what is it like at the moment? >> we were saying that yesterday. we cannot believe that we were back here. currently in london ocean city, temperatures are 39 degrees. -- currently inland in ocean city, temperatures are 39 degrees. the sistine wind is 15 miles per hour -- sustained wind is 15 miles per hour. we see waves anywhere from
of general david patri >> officials in washington are dealing with the fallout from the resignation of general david petraeus, but now may be needed to testify to what happened in libya. >> the fbi investigation began with a complaint from jill kelly of tampa who is a close personal friend of petraeus and his wife. the e-mails lead to the discovery of others that were indicative of an extramarital affair. recently she spoke publicly about access to the general. >> i was embedded with him in afghanistan. it was confusing because i'm a military reservists with a top military clearance and then some. a lot of my formal pierce did not know how to treat me. >> he has resigned. he spoke with a spokesperson on saturday. >> he is embarrassed but aware of the hurt and pain he has caused the and is concerned that people understand that this happened after he retired from the army. >> on capitol hill lawmakers want to know if the investigation wrapped up without criminal charges before the election why president obama was not told until after. >> to have someone out there in such a sensitive p
-off. the need to find a way to prevent automatic tax hikes and spending cuts from kicking in. our washington bureau reporter has more on how the spirit of cooperation is. in the nation's capital. >> we have heard about the. -- spirit of cooperation, but talks could fall anywhere on the scale between compromise and confrontation. >> we say we want to work on solutions. >> i am open to compromise in new ideas. >> i remain optimistic. >> we want an agreement, but not just lip service. both sides agree the government needs to bring more money in. the question is how to get to that growth. >> there are no barriers here to sitting down and beginning to work through the process. >> the white house says the plan will push $1 trillion on wealthy and businesses paid >> that will not break necks. they will still be wealthy. >> that is a sticking point for republicans. >> we do not understand why raising tax rates is the solution. >> there is incentive for both sides to come off the table. if we read off of the fiscal cut, which could lead to another recession. the president will talk to civil rights an
with court -- the foreign correspondents such as from washington and florida but all over the u.s. >> the race is almost over for the two men who would be president. now what is up to the voters to make their choice. >> extensive, it is extremely thorough coverage in newspapers and on web sites. every foreign news organization has a prominent section devoted to the u.s. election. part of the reason for all of the global attention is so many people in so many other countries are looking for a catalyst for change in their own nation coming from a strong decision in america. there will be live coverage of the results, even though it will be in the middle of the night. >> now we have some answers for your plant and gardening questions. the pineapple is back. >> this is a great plant -- the pineapple is a symbol of welcome. it's a wonderful plant toward the holidays. they are fun to grow. this is a mini pineapple. but you can start a plant from the top of a pineapple. it takes a while to get to this state that is a fun project. >> our first question is about frost. we saw at this mor
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8